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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists at Speech and Language Therapy, are dedicated to providing all of our patients, their families and our surrounding communities with compassionate, culturally-sensitive care guided by the latest developments in therapeutic and rehabilitative practice.

Our Physical Therapy service provides children with evaluation and treatment related to the following:
Musculoskeletal, neurologic, orthopedic disorders
Balance and coordination problems
Gait disorders
Delayed gross motor development
Posture and movement abnormalities
Equipment and seating needs
Consultation to schools and daycare
Cerebral palsy
Traumatic and acquired brain injuries
Traumatic and acquired spinal cord injuries
Developmental delay
Cardiac anomalies
Osteogenesis imperfect
Spina bifida
Sensory processing disorder
Autism spectrum
Amputation and limb deficiencies
Congenital syndromes
Premature birth
Post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation
Oncology (brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, osteosarcoma)
Muscular dystrophy

We believe pediatric physical therapists are an integral part of the health care team. We coordinate care among providers including Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, referring physicians, community services and school systems. Physical therapists work with children of all ages, from premature infants to young adults.

Children receive a thorough evaluation and treatment that focuses on promoting the highest level of function. Pediatric physical therapists work in partnership with families to establish meaningful goals, and they provide interventions that are developmentally appropriate, in a child-friendly environment. Communication with the child, parents and other specialists on the team is the cornerstone of all clinical care.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Team
Our team provides personalized and comprehensive assessment and management of children and adolescents. The speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and physical therapist work together as a collaborative team to service children with medical, psychological, developmental and learning needs. Members of the Physical Therapy Team provide intervention, education, resources and support to foster each child's developing needs.

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